Company Information

Winklix Internet Pvt Ltd
Company Information
WINKLIX-In case of any issue inform us first , we willl surely always there to help you out.
Company Name : Winklix Internet Private Limited
Registration Number: 274774
Year Of Formation : 2014
Parent Company : Pixel Infotech Private Limited(Formed in 2004)
Regd Office: 204,Harsha Complex,F-17,Subhash Chowk,Laxmi Nagar,Delhi-110092,India
Branch Office:203,Harsha Complex,F-17,Subhash Chowk,Laxmi Nagar,Delhi-110092,India
Customer Support Helpline Number : +91-8882-31-31-31 , +91-11-49043552
In Case Of Any Issue Mail Us At : info@winklix.com , host@winklix.com
Direct Winklix Appelate Authority: complain@winklix.com
Direct CEO Email: harsh@winklix.com
Winklix Internet Pvt Ltd
Serving Customer Since 2004 Happily
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